Sunday, November 21, 2010

CaN vs. periskop and CaN vs. _rohformat (Pt. 2) now as torrents, too

Here's a minor update:
Both of the aforementioned sets named in this posting's title are also now available as torrents!

CaN vs. periskop:

CaN vs. _rohformat:

Thanks for reading this...!

RE-POST: Everything dee3-related now gathered in one place...

Thanks to the nice people at winksite, the "dee | datamixes"-website and my twitter-feed - as for this blog too -
are now all gathered in one place and all easily accessible on your mobile-device!

Check it out at:

Whilst in write-mode, I'd like take the opportunity to deliver a couple of other updates:
1. the "dee3 | datamixes" RSS- and podcast-feed have been slimmed down content-wise;
there were several reasons behind this move, but FYI all sets are STILL available from
the RSS- and podcast-feed!
But all from a now file-wise smaller and more uniform-looking feed with info-links for all of
the respective sets pointing to the "dee3 | datamixes"-site, instead!

2. Although defunct/inactive, the good old "Compiling a Network"-series is STILL experiencing
a lot of download-action! If the series is to be "revived" (as some have requested me to do) is
still uncertain; but as there still is quite an interest for this series, the official website and it's RSS-/podcast-feeds too will soon be subject a MAJOR overhaul to accommodate all that (still) find this promo mix series interesting, and continue to download the sets from this series.         

3. Sometime this coming week, the two latest sets from the "dee3 | datamixes"-series - the
"CaN vs. periskop"- and the "CaN vs. _rohformat"-sets - will also be available as torrents, too.
Shortly after these two sets are made available as torrents, the "dee3 | datamixes"-torrents will
also be available as torrent-files with the WAVE-versions of the sets, too!

Stay tuned for more details regarding all of the above - and thanks for reading this!


"We've moved..."

After +5 years of use and way-over 11500 views (or so), I have decided to port "the official dee3-blog" on MySpace to
The reason for this move is due to MySpace's re-design of their site, which as a result has:
A. rendered the previous URL to my blog's RSS-feed useless.
B. removed my blog's previous RSS-syndication functionality from their site.
C. removed the old blog-manager section from their site.
D. made the accessing of previous blog-posts more difficult.

Furthermore, I'm fed up with MySpace's (senseless and groundless) link-blocking, too...!

Well-knowing that moving whatever site from one platform - and/or URL - to another is a royal pain for all parties involved (i.e.: you, the reader and me), I find that MySpace's blog-functionalities are now completely amputated after their site has been re-designed.

I hope that you - the reader - will still continue to find my doings and musings interesting and will continue to keep tabs on my various capers, rants and raves by following and reading this blog.

Thanks for reading this...!