Tuesday, December 14, 2010

External: Six new tracks at http://periskop.cc/

Danny Kreutzfeldt, the man behind the Periskop-project, is apparently in a yuletide-mood!

Not only has he recently uploaded 9 tracks (or 123:40 minutes-worth) of slow, brooding
click-doom in the form of "15" on his Periskop-website - he's just added an additional, 6
tracks to his "circle(125)"-release, too...!

The previously released "circle(125)"-tracks - already featured in the "CaN vs. periskop"-set,
but also seeing big support by Dimitri Pike - are all (in Danny Kreutzfeldt's own words):
"...membrane shattering hypno techno"

And the six new 125-bpm tracks are all fitting and natural extensions of the already dark,
stomping package, which the "circle(125)"-release bundle already is...!

And on that note, some of the tracks (both old and new) are already slated for some forthcoming
mix sets, which I got planned...

But why wait for that to happen - hustle over to Danny's periskop-site NOW and check
ALL of the "Periskop"-releases out for yourself!

Thanks for reading this...


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