Sunday, December 12, 2010

External: zero" New Year's Countdown

Admitted, I love free (legal) stuff, and it's a special time of the year again for zero",
as they're counting down the days to 2011 with their favourite tracks of 2010 by
giving them away for free every day during December!

(WOO-HOO!!! d.)

zero"-selections will include some of what they think were the defining tracks of 2010
from some of the biggest names and some of the hottest newcomers; one track a day
until the calender reaches zero - or rather the 31st of December!

Many of the artists and labels that have put forward the freshest sounds of 2010
will appear in zero" selection, and as there won't be any genre-blinders either
from zero" side, you can expect their picks to range from techno to dubstep,
from electronica to indie pop.

For each day of December, a new code will be posted on their tumblr-site at 4pm (-ish...).

Just enter the posted code to download the selected track of the day!

But please note that every code is only valid 100 times, and only for 24 hours,
so if you snooze - you loose; make sure to be quick and check back daily!

Thanks for reading this...

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