Saturday, December 3, 2011

Wildtek Concept: Reverse Thinking

In all modesty, I'm blessed with being - once and a while - almost carpet-bombed with promos from various artists and/or labels; and to date - and fortunately for me - the majority of all of these promos have all been note-worthy...!

That being said, virtually all of these promos that I've been receiving have been either singular tunes or E.P.'s; however, in my case anyways, receiving full artist album-promos is a rarity!

A couple of days ago, an artist and DJ that I more than respect (and have the privilege of calling an IRL-friend), Dimitri Pike, was kind enough to send me a promo of his first full-album called "Reverse Thinking", which is to be soon released via Bandcamp later this month (12/12/2011).

Before anyone starts to think: "This album's only getting some blog-acreage, 'cause it's one of his friends", then I'd like to say beforehand that is isn't the case!

I can already reveal that although this album is a very diverse affair, it's still very coherent, comprising of twelve tracks spanning over field recordings, ambient, electronica, dubstep (of the proper kind) to pounding techno!

Furthermore, this album was recorded and produced during and in between his various recent travels, and therefore often inspired not only by precise places - but by various people, whom he has encountered during his travels, as well.

Based on what I've just described, one might get the suspicion that this release is probably one of those "Personal" and/or "Introverted" releases, which is only interesting to Dimitri Pike's family and friends; but it isn't - and it'd be grossly unfair of me to label this release as being such!

This album, whether listening to it's individual tracks or as a whole, is IMHO an essential release squarely placing itself quality-wise amongst other full-length releases from earlier this year, such as Sandwell District's own full-length, Surgeon's "Breaking the Frame" or even Planetary Assault Systems' "The Messenger" - just to name a few...

And when also taking into account this album's diversity (and still remaining coherent) and its' personal-based roots, I have no qualms in stating that "Reverse Thinking" is probably the best (electronic) album in 2011 - and would recommend it to any- and everyone!

But judge for yourself - each day up to the album's release, Dimitri Pike will upload a track from the album on Soundcloud - and as more of the tracks from the album go public, I seriously believe that you'll understand why I've rated this album, as being the best electronic album I've heard this year!

Thanks for reading this...

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