Friday, December 7, 2012

[PIAS]: Happy 30th Birthday...!

To celebrate the birthday/anniversary, here is an audio visual mashup of PIAS' releases
over the last 30 years - courtesy of the Radiosoulwax-crew.

Animation by: Lewis Kyle White, Laurie Hill, Karl Sadler, Michael Zauner, and Glyn Peppiatt.
Edited by: Glyn Peppiatt
Enjoy - and thanks for viewing and reading this!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

"CaN"- and "dee3 | datamixes"-set merger - UPDATE

Here's an update regarding the merging of the "Compiling a Network"- and "dee3 | datamixes"-sets (plus some other related stuff).

As I wrote in my previous blog-posting, I've decided to gather the two mix-series, which I've got online, into one joined mix-series; one of the reasons behind this move is due to I cannot see the point in any longer operating two different mix-series - mainly due to the administrative and maintenance "hassle" that's involved in doing so.

But I'd like to also add before going on that mainly due to various life-events and personal-issues over the past couple of years that I - admittedly - haven't been too productive regarding putting up and adding new sets to either of the two mix-series...!

But in spite of my blatant lack of productivity, all of the mixes - from both series - have still been continuously downloaded (at least at a minimum of ) by the scores on a daily-basis, so it's not like the interest has gone away for any of the sets; furthermore, it occurred to me that if I was to move on with either of the two equally - and apparently - successful mix-series (i,e.: mix, make and put new sets online to either of the series) , it might be a good idea to gather my efforts in one place to make things easier for those interested in accessing whatever set I'd might put online - or already have online.

And based on the combined experiences with having all of the sets gathered in one place, as I've already done at sonicsquirrel, mixcloud and mininova's torrent-service, I've decided that the time has come to officially join the "Compiling a Network" and "dee3 | datamixes" into one joined mix-series, which will henceforth go under the "Compiling a Network [CaN]"-name.

In effect, all sets are already now available from the updated "Compiling a Network"-website and -podcast, and provisions have been set into motion regarding the redirection of "dee3 | datamixes"-podcast to the "Compiling a Network"-ditto.

As of the 1st of December, the "dee3 | datamixes"-website and it's podcast-feed will be taken down; and FYI, all of the other "dee3 | datamixes"-related sites that are out there will either be taken down - or retro-fitted for other dee3-related purposes.

The reason why I'm going to these lengths in explaining what's going on, is that I don't want any rumors to start, let alone run rampant, regarding the "dee3 | datamixes" going offline etc.

On an end-note, the 23 podsafe-sets that I currently have online, have now almost been downloaded close to 2 million times; therefore, I'd like to again take the opportunity to thank all of the contributing artists, net labels and other parties for their initial - and continuing - support over the years...

Thanks for reading this...

The CaN- and "dee3 | datamixes"-sets soon to be merged

With now an almost combined 2 million downloads under their collective belts (sort of speak),
I'm currently in the process of now merging the "Compiling a Network"- and "dee3 | datamixes"-sets,
as I no longer see any reasons to run these two mix-series as two separate entities.

Further details regarding this merger of these two mix-series will shortly follow...

Thanks for reading this...

Sunday, November 4, 2012

New set online: PCM

Here's a completely forgotten set from my hand - heralding from '08 - that has been
recently found/"exhumed" from a HD, and which I thought could be fun to share with
all of you, exclusively via Mixcloud - enjoy...!

Thanks for reading (- and hopefully listening to -) this...!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Guest-set on Chunk-FM - now online

For those of you that missed the show on Chunk-FM last Wednesday, 
here's my set - UL'ed courtesy of The Machinists...!

Thanks for reading (and hopefully listening to) this - 'laters,

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Guest-set on Chunk-FM, Wednesday the 3rd of October

Here's what you might call an advance notice:

Not-easy-to-impress, hard-ass Hugh Mcmahon from The Machinists has now cast his verdict -
I've made an one-hour guest-set for Chunk-FM, which is now slated to be heard next month on:

Wednesday the 3rd of October 9:00pm until 10:00pm in UTC+01

Be there...!

Further details regarding, will follow shortly!

Thanks for reading this...!

 P.S. Just kidding 'bout Hugh being a hard-ass! :-D

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Re-uploaded on (two radio sets...)

Hey-hey reader!

Due to vacationing etc. this blog hasn't been receiving the love and attention from me that it properly deserves!

And that will soon change - HONEST...!

But in the meantime - here are two radio sets that I've made the past year or so (and have both been previously mentioned in this blog), and which I've decided to make available again via for your listening pleasure (hopefully)!

4-Teknology (Teknology Radio Show, Jan. 2011) (Remote Signal 019)

Enjoy - and thanks for reading this...

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Compiling a Network app (Android) out now...!

(Sorry - but beforehand I'd like to warn you that this post might be - in the beginning - running somewhat down a runway before getting to the point and start taking off, but there is some explanation needed ...)

Although it's been over 5 years since it's start, and over three years ago since the latest installment, the "Compiling a Network"-series ten sets are still seeing more than a fair number of downloads happening out there on the web (written in all modesty, mind)!

Some of the conceptual keywords behind this series were (and still are) "availability" and "accessibility", thus resulting in a promo mix series that not only offered it's listeners all of the sets to be downloaded either in lossless- or lossy-formats, but go even further in meeting the listeners "on their terms" by making these sets available "where the users are at"!
Meaning not only having the sets being available at all of the (appropriate) major services (i.e.:, Soundcloud, Mixcloud,, SonicSquirrel, etc.) as direct downloads or streams, but also by having the sets readily available for the listeners via podcasts (iTMS, PodcastAlley, podcastblaster, PodNova etc.), RSS-feeds and various torrent-sharing services, too!

As an end-result, the combined number of downloads the series' ten sets have been subject to, have a while ago exceeded more than one million downloads - and are still downloaded by the scores on a daily basis...(again - written in all modesty, mind)!

Since this podsafe, promo mix series went online, the internet-landscape has undeniably changed, and apparently within the next (now) three years "...more users will connect to the internet over mobile devices than desktops pc" (sic.).

Acknowledging the fact that the listeners out there (probably) are turning more and more "mobile" and since I still want the "Compiling a Network"-series to be "available" and "accessible", on the users' own terms and where they might (also) to be at, I've decided to create and now (finally) release the "Compiling a Network App ver. 1.0 BETA"-app ("Android-only" for now - due to hardware-reasons at my end)!

The free "Compiling a Network"-app - containing all of the series' ten sets - can now be downloaded from here:

If this app turns out to be a success AND/OR there is a massive demand for an iOS-equivalent of this app, I'll see what I can do to get a iPhone-version of this app put together, as soon as it's technically possible...!

On an end-note, I'd like to take the opportunity to thank Carina M. Boese, Bill Causer, Enda Rochford and last but not least Hasan H. Samanci for helping out with the alpha-, beta- and UX-testing of this app - and for going beyond the call of duty, in general...!

Thanks for reading this...

Sunday, January 29, 2012

We are now 5 - Thank you! (The Compiling a Network promo mix series)

And with a weeks delay ("Boooooo...!"), the "Compiling a Network" promo mix series has just celebrated it's 5-year anniversary of being online!


Conceived as being a pod-safe promo mix series with the submitting artists' and (net-) labels' permission and blessing to use the tracks involved - and with a budget of 0 (insert whatever currency) plus little - or no - support from the established blogs and sites out there (except from some of the submitting artists and labels) - the ten sets of this series have currently racked up way over 1 million downloads combined, and to this day all of the sets from this series are still being downloaded on a daily-basis!

TBH, this series as exceeded my wildest hopes and expectations regarding the interest shown - as for numbers of downloads, too; furthermore, I'm still grateful for the continuing interest there is out there for this series!

And although this series hasn't seen much love from my side - and has virtually been dormant for the past three years (due to various reasons) - this just might soon change...

But in the meantime, if you haven't checked out any of the sets from this series, then either visit the official "Compiling a Network"-site here:

...or just subscribe to this mix series by one of the following ways:

Podcast | iTunes Music Store

Podcast | "On-Click"-subscription

Podcast | Google Reader

Podcast | RSS 2.0 XML-feed

Once again, I'd like to thank all of the contributing artists and net-labels for their initial and continuing support - and to all of you, whom have taken the interest and time to download and check out theses sets during the past five years!

Thanks for reading this...!

Atomic Jam: 01-28-12 (Wish that I could have been there...!)

Obviously, I sometimes get a little bit all burned up 'bout I can't go to gigs such as the closing Atomic Jam at the Q Club - but thank God for!
So to share some of the magic from this event - here's some of the sets:
Sorry, no mobile device support...
Sorry, no mobile device support...
Sorry, no mobile device support...

Enjoy - and thanks for reading & viewing this...

Saturday, January 28, 2012

"Right on the money..." (regarding Simon Cowell's DJ X-Factor)

No, I haven't been showing this blog a lot of love during the first month of the new year,
but this can be attributed to "Life and work got in the way"!

That being said/written, last Wednesday Music Week posted a story that Simon Cowell
might start a new global X-Factor show focusing on finding DJ-talent!

Needless to say, this has more or less stirred up shit-storm in certain circles and even in my own small Facebook-network there's been a lot of (heated) thread-postings regarding this - even from your's truly!

Now it could be tempting for me to get up on a soap-box and throw a rant or two about
$imon Cowe££'s new X-Factor concept from this blog, but instead I'd rather post this link to, where SELL BY DAVE, has posted an excellent piece regarding
$imon Cowe££'s new, pending X-Factor concept, which you can read here:

For the record, I wholeheartedly agree with what SELL BY DAVE's written in his piece -
and this is all that I'll be posting about $imon Cowe££'s new - albeit conceptually still-born - X-Factor concept on this blog.

Thanks for reading this...

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Detroit Techno - The Creation of Techno Music (HighTechSoul)

Well, here's one historical perspective of the story...

Thanks for reading - and viewing - this...

P.S. Thanks goes to a certain Mr. Massey for initially finding and sharing this one...

More already soon to come...

Hoping sincerely that all of you visitors and readers have had a really merry X-mas
and a Happy New Year, I've just returned back from my own holidays and now back at work!

(Picture taken from:

But rest assured - there's already lined a lot of geeky stuff and musical-mayhem
coming to this blog very, very soon - so stay tuned...

Thanks for reading this...