Sunday, January 29, 2012

We are now 5 - Thank you! (The Compiling a Network promo mix series)

And with a weeks delay ("Boooooo...!"), the "Compiling a Network" promo mix series has just celebrated it's 5-year anniversary of being online!


Conceived as being a pod-safe promo mix series with the submitting artists' and (net-) labels' permission and blessing to use the tracks involved - and with a budget of 0 (insert whatever currency) plus little - or no - support from the established blogs and sites out there (except from some of the submitting artists and labels) - the ten sets of this series have currently racked up way over 1 million downloads combined, and to this day all of the sets from this series are still being downloaded on a daily-basis!

TBH, this series as exceeded my wildest hopes and expectations regarding the interest shown - as for numbers of downloads, too; furthermore, I'm still grateful for the continuing interest there is out there for this series!

And although this series hasn't seen much love from my side - and has virtually been dormant for the past three years (due to various reasons) - this just might soon change...

But in the meantime, if you haven't checked out any of the sets from this series, then either visit the official "Compiling a Network"-site here:

...or just subscribe to this mix series by one of the following ways:

Podcast | iTunes Music Store

Podcast | "On-Click"-subscription

Podcast | Google Reader

Podcast | RSS 2.0 XML-feed

Once again, I'd like to thank all of the contributing artists and net-labels for their initial and continuing support - and to all of you, whom have taken the interest and time to download and check out theses sets during the past five years!

Thanks for reading this...!

Atomic Jam: 01-28-12 (Wish that I could have been there...!)

Obviously, I sometimes get a little bit all burned up 'bout I can't go to gigs such as the closing Atomic Jam at the Q Club - but thank God for!
So to share some of the magic from this event - here's some of the sets:
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Enjoy - and thanks for reading & viewing this...

Saturday, January 28, 2012

"Right on the money..." (regarding Simon Cowell's DJ X-Factor)

No, I haven't been showing this blog a lot of love during the first month of the new year,
but this can be attributed to "Life and work got in the way"!

That being said/written, last Wednesday Music Week posted a story that Simon Cowell
might start a new global X-Factor show focusing on finding DJ-talent!

Needless to say, this has more or less stirred up shit-storm in certain circles and even in my own small Facebook-network there's been a lot of (heated) thread-postings regarding this - even from your's truly!

Now it could be tempting for me to get up on a soap-box and throw a rant or two about
$imon Cowe££'s new X-Factor concept from this blog, but instead I'd rather post this link to, where SELL BY DAVE, has posted an excellent piece regarding
$imon Cowe££'s new, pending X-Factor concept, which you can read here:

For the record, I wholeheartedly agree with what SELL BY DAVE's written in his piece -
and this is all that I'll be posting about $imon Cowe££'s new - albeit conceptually still-born - X-Factor concept on this blog.

Thanks for reading this...

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Detroit Techno - The Creation of Techno Music (HighTechSoul)

Well, here's one historical perspective of the story...

Thanks for reading - and viewing - this...

P.S. Thanks goes to a certain Mr. Massey for initially finding and sharing this one...

More already soon to come...

Hoping sincerely that all of you visitors and readers have had a really merry X-mas
and a Happy New Year, I've just returned back from my own holidays and now back at work!

(Picture taken from:

But rest assured - there's already lined a lot of geeky stuff and musical-mayhem
coming to this blog very, very soon - so stay tuned...

Thanks for reading this...