Saturday, December 26, 2015

Best releases of 2015 - IMHO

Yet another - at the moment - irregular post from my hand (and a probably close-to feeble attempt),
regarding which releases have been doing it for me in 2015!

2015 - Favorite 12"/EP (In no particular order)
F.O. - there are way to many to list up here, but highlights include Roger van Lunteren's
"The Hills" and the "rare as rocking-horse shit" limited release of "Octoplex", Karl Lihagen's project - Evigt Mörker's "3", plus releases by Tominori Hosoya as for John Shima's "2", too!

2015 - Favorite albums (In no particular order)

Ø [Phase] ‎– Alone in Time?

Benjamin Damage: Obsidian

The Chemical Brothers: Born In The Echos

Post Scriptum: Post Scriptum 01

Hot Chip: Why Make Sense?

Levon Vincent: Levon Vincent

Vril: Portal

Periskop: Immerse

Oscar Mulero: Muscle and Mind

St. Germain: St. Germain

Leftfield: Alternative Light Source

2015 - Favorite compilations (In no particular order)

Regis: Manbait

Detroit Techno Militia (Various): Tip of The Spear

Dystopian (Various): Soliloquy

Ostgut Ton (Various): Zehn

Ostgut Ton (Various): Berghain 07 (Pt. 1)

Ostgut Ton (Various): Berghain 07 (Pt. 2)

MDR (Various): MDR Compilation

MDR (Various): MDR 14.1

MDR (Various): MDR 14.2

Polybius Trax: Moog Your Body Vol.​2

2015 - Favorite vinyl re-issues (In no particular order)

Underworld: Second Toughest In The Infants

Orbital: Green Album (European version)

Orbital: Brown Album

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Sunday, February 15, 2015


A selection of tracks from the DREIFALT-releases, which can be found at:

  1. ZEHN (A) - 00:00 (0:00:00 - start)
  2. FÜNF (B) - 08:00
  3. VIER (A) - 14:00
  4. SIEBEN (B) - 19:00
  5. ZWEI (B) - 27:00
  6. ACHT (B) - 31:00
  7. EINS (A) - 35:00
  8. EINS (B) - 45:00
  9. NEUN (A) - 50:00
  10. SECHS (B) - 55:00
  11. DREI (A) - 63:00
  12. DREI (B) - 73:00
  13. FÜNF (A) - 81:00 (1:30:00 - end)
All listed running-times are approximate.

"This mix was made exclusively with recycled electrons; no bytes were harmed during the creation of this mix."

The tracks used and made accessible in this set are with the featured artist's full knowledge and prior written permission.

More info:

Thanks goes to DREIFALT

Saturday, January 10, 2015

"I'm back"

A year ago, I posted two blog-postings, which was a goodbye to the "dee3"-moniker and all related activities.

I've changed my mind in the meantime - and even though I haven't been the most productive individual in the "dee3"-department of things (let alone have been showing this blog some love) - there has been and will be more dee3 related antics in the future!

Since my two last blog-posts (now removed) I've done and have had publicized two sets, which you can hear here:

And here:

I can also reveal that I've been requested and commissioned to do three other sets in the near-future - more details on these will follow as they get made and go public.

Otherwise, I'll be using this blog to announce "dee3"-related activities (obviously) and posting my comments on what I find musically interesting (or the opposite).

Thanks for reading this,