Saturday, January 10, 2015

"I'm back"

A year ago, I posted two blog-postings, which was a goodbye to the "dee3"-moniker and all related activities.

I've changed my mind in the meantime - and even though I haven't been the most productive individual in the "dee3"-department of things (let alone have been showing this blog some love) - there has been and will be more dee3 related antics in the future!

Since my two last blog-posts (now removed) I've done and have had publicized two sets, which you can hear here:

And here:

I can also reveal that I've been requested and commissioned to do three other sets in the near-future - more details on these will follow as they get made and go public.

Otherwise, I'll be using this blog to announce "dee3"-related activities (obviously) and posting my comments on what I find musically interesting (or the opposite).

Thanks for reading this,

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