Sunday, February 16, 2014

Soon closing the CaN mininova-account...

Here's a dee3-related "death-spasm" that I would like to inform you about:
Last Thursday (the 14th of February), I've "officially" rounded a half of a million downloads of my 23 CaN-sets via mininova's torrent-service; when I write "officially", is because I've previous have used mininova's torrent-uploads, and have previously had over 50000 downloads prior to the 500000 downloads, and before they changed things so that one had to upload those files, which one wanted to share out on the interweb.

But I'm digressing...

Although mininova has been - and actually still is - an active platform for delivering the 23 CaN-sets (with approx. 100 daily-downloads on an average), I have decided that I'll be closing my mininova-account by the end of this month.


Although the sets are still (to the best of my knowledge) podsafe, torrents still have an unfortunate P2P-stigma that I preferably do not want to be affiliated with in any way.

Furthermore, (where all of the sets are hosted) have now gathered - and are offering - the individual sets as torrent-downloads; and as I'd like to have "everything gathered in one place", I can't really see the point to maintain my mininova-account anymore - thus having one account less to administer.
In any event, I'd like to take the opportunity to say "thanks a LOT" to mininova for providing a platform that helped deliver over 500000 downloads of my 23 sets to 190 countries (based on their provided stats).

As for the podcast available (via iTunes Music Store) and the individual hosted sets at these will remain available/online and "keep on rolling until their wheels pop off", as there is apparently still a considerable interest out there for the 23 sets, the CaN-series comprises of. 

...for now, anyway!

Thanks for reading this...

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Thanks - and goodbye...

After 10 years of assorted musical antics and making way over 2 million people happy in 189 countries in the process (and probably pissing off an equal number of people, too), 2014 is the year where "dee3" says "Thanks..." - and will bow out into obscurity!

I have yet one requested set to make and drop under that moniker - and after that - well - the underground apparently awaits!

All in all, it's been an interesting ride and the acknowledgement-list is long (you all know, who you are) - but thanks goes to all of you, nevertheless!

Under what moniker I'll be doing stuff under remains to be decided - but if/when you see the logo below, then you'll know the score; "dee3" might be calling it a day - but I'm NOT...!

 Thanks for reading this,

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

NEW SET ONLINE! Exclusive to 2BContinued....

Yeah - that's right: I've been so fortunate to get a brand-new set included on 
2BContinued's "Open Space"-section, where I'll be in good company with the 
likes of +Frédéric PERRIAULT (Oxytek) amongst others!

TBH, although originally intended for another podcast, I'm both really proud, 
totally stoked and eternally grateful that +Niv Margalit has decided to include 
the set here; and hands-down: I'd rather see my set on 2BContinued, than the 
other (undisclosed) podcast, the set was initially made for!

In any event, you can check out and give the set a listen here: 

Once again tons of thanks goes to Niv - also for going beyond all reasonable 
call of duty!



P.S. The previously mentioned clean-up of this blog will soon take place...

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Soon cleaning up this blog...

As the title says: I'll be soon cleaning up this blog, where this blog will in the future focus more on dee3-related stuff and musical-content, in general; the nerdy, geeky coding stuff in this blog that a lot of people out there have also been glad to read about, will get moved over to and continued on the following blogspot-address:

I'd like beforehand "warn" (some of) the readers out there that some of the "nerdy-geeky" coding stuff, which has been previously posted here, not only will be removed from this blog, but also might not get (re-)posted on the "new" blog, either!

The reason for this is that some of the code-solutions that were previously mentioned and posted here, are no longer valid and/or are deprecated in some way or another; a good example of this would be the HTML5-fallback for Soundcloud's player, as Soundcloud - as you probably already know- has now already implemented and launched an (IMHO) excellent HTML5-player.

In any event, this blog will soon be subject to some spring cleaning within the next couple of weeks and most of coding-related the postings will be moved over to

Thanks for reading this...

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Guest set for Chunk-FM now online (for a limited time only)

Hey-hey people!
My most recent guest-set, which got aired on Chunk-FM (via fnoob techno radio),
is now up for grabs - but for a limited time only!

01 Orphx: Stillpoint
02 Traversable Wormhole: Relativistic Time Dilation (Kevin Gorman Remix)
03 Pfirter - Function vs. Jerome Sydenham: Two Ninety One
04 Morgan: Flowerchild (Adam Beyer Remix)
05 Marcel Dettmann: Latice
06 Planetary Assault Systems: Function 4 (Shifted Remix)
07 Planetary Assault Systems: Function 4 (Marcel Dettmann Base Dub Remix)
08 Mark Broom & James Ruskin: Black Lines
09 Mark Broom & James Ruskin: No Time Soon
10 Dave Clarke: Red 2 (Wisdom to The Wise)
11 Function vs. Jerome Sydenham: White Light (Slam Paragraph Mix)
12 Function: Disaffected
13 Regis: Blood Witness
14 British Murder Boys: Dead Sun
15 Choice: Acid Eiffel
16 Underground Resistance: Final Frontier

Grab it, while you can - enjoy...!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Second guest-set for Chunk-FM - bumped up and to be aired!

Admitted, my first blog-post for 2013 is something that is posted with a very short notice!

I've just been informed that there's been a quick change of schedule-plans at the Chunk-FM HQ!

Hugh Mcmahon has just informed me that my sophomore appearance on Chunk-FM (via Fnoob techno radio) has been bumped up to appear on their first 2013-show, instead!

In other words, my second guest set for Chunk-FM will be aired Wednesday, the 9th of January - at 9:00P.M. GMT (that's 21:00 hrs GMT for all of you Mil-speak types out there) on:

I'd like to say thanks a LOT to the Chunk-FM crew (and Hugh Mcmahon, in particular) for letting me kick off Chunk-FM's 2013 proper - so be there...! :-)

Thanks for reading this...


P.S. Facebook event-details can be seen here:

Friday, December 7, 2012

[PIAS]: Happy 30th Birthday...!

To celebrate the birthday/anniversary, here is an audio visual mashup of PIAS' releases
over the last 30 years - courtesy of the Radiosoulwax-crew.

Animation by: Lewis Kyle White, Laurie Hill, Karl Sadler, Michael Zauner, and Glyn Peppiatt.
Edited by: Glyn Peppiatt
Enjoy - and thanks for viewing and reading this!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

"CaN"- and "dee3 | datamixes"-set merger - UPDATE

Here's an update regarding the merging of the "Compiling a Network"- and "dee3 | datamixes"-sets (plus some other related stuff).

As I wrote in my previous blog-posting, I've decided to gather the two mix-series, which I've got online, into one joined mix-series; one of the reasons behind this move is due to I cannot see the point in any longer operating two different mix-series - mainly due to the administrative and maintenance "hassle" that's involved in doing so.

But I'd like to also add before going on that mainly due to various life-events and personal-issues over the past couple of years that I - admittedly - haven't been too productive regarding putting up and adding new sets to either of the two mix-series...!

But in spite of my blatant lack of productivity, all of the mixes - from both series - have still been continuously downloaded (at least at a minimum of ) by the scores on a daily-basis, so it's not like the interest has gone away for any of the sets; furthermore, it occurred to me that if I was to move on with either of the two equally - and apparently - successful mix-series (i,e.: mix, make and put new sets online to either of the series) , it might be a good idea to gather my efforts in one place to make things easier for those interested in accessing whatever set I'd might put online - or already have online.

And based on the combined experiences with having all of the sets gathered in one place, as I've already done at sonicsquirrel, mixcloud and mininova's torrent-service, I've decided that the time has come to officially join the "Compiling a Network" and "dee3 | datamixes" into one joined mix-series, which will henceforth go under the "Compiling a Network [CaN]"-name.

In effect, all sets are already now available from the updated "Compiling a Network"-website and -podcast, and provisions have been set into motion regarding the redirection of "dee3 | datamixes"-podcast to the "Compiling a Network"-ditto.

As of the 1st of December, the "dee3 | datamixes"-website and it's podcast-feed will be taken down; and FYI, all of the other "dee3 | datamixes"-related sites that are out there will either be taken down - or retro-fitted for other dee3-related purposes.

The reason why I'm going to these lengths in explaining what's going on, is that I don't want any rumors to start, let alone run rampant, regarding the "dee3 | datamixes" going offline etc.

On an end-note, the 23 podsafe-sets that I currently have online, have now almost been downloaded close to 2 million times; therefore, I'd like to again take the opportunity to thank all of the contributing artists, net labels and other parties for their initial - and continuing - support over the years...

Thanks for reading this...

The CaN- and "dee3 | datamixes"-sets soon to be merged

With now an almost combined 2 million downloads under their collective belts (sort of speak),
I'm currently in the process of now merging the "Compiling a Network"- and "dee3 | datamixes"-sets,
as I no longer see any reasons to run these two mix-series as two separate entities.

Further details regarding this merger of these two mix-series will shortly follow...

Thanks for reading this...

Sunday, November 4, 2012

New set online: PCM

Here's a completely forgotten set from my hand - heralding from '08 - that has been
recently found/"exhumed" from a HD, and which I thought could be fun to share with
all of you, exclusively via Mixcloud - enjoy...!

Thanks for reading (- and hopefully listening to -) this...!