Sunday, December 12, 2010

The "Compiling a Network"-site: slimmed, trimmed and modified...

Although the "Compiling a Network"-series has been defunct for quite a while,
there's apparently still some considerable interest(!) for the sets from this series,
based on what I can see from the various ongoing statistics for the series. 

While I'm still contemplating, if I should "exhume" and revive this series or not, based
on the aforementioned statistics I've given the official site for this series a much-needed
major overhaul, trimming down and removing a lot of excessive "fat" (both frontend- and
backend-wise) from this site, so it now loads faster with a lot fewer DNS-calls etc. and
resembles it's sister-series site for the "dee3 | datamixes"-series.
Although there still some minor odds-and-ends that need to be done - i.e.: amongst other
things as finally trim down and modifiy the XML-file for the RSS- and podcast-feed,
like I did with "dee3 | datamixes"-feed - one of the major differences one might notice is
the new and simplified QR-code, which will now and henceforth be the logo for the
"Compiling a Network"-series (defunct or not). 

But give the "Compiling a Network"-site a visit, and if you should discover any bugs, then send
me a mail with "CaN-site: Bug-report" in the "Subject"-field.

Thanks for reading this...

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