Sunday, December 12, 2010

External: The Black Dog - Subject To Delays EP

Since this blog is the official "dee3's mouthpiece on the web", and I don't
necessarily want this blog content-wise to revolve around "me-me-me" and
my various capers under my "dee3"-moniker, obviously I'll also be sounding
off about things, which I find interesting/catches my fancy.

Everybody's favorite techno-mutt (as I call them), The Black Dog, have been
quite active as of late; following the release of "Music For Real Airports" on
Soma and (from what I can gather) being instrumental in the recent re-design
of the famous Little Detroit website, The Black Dog have kicked off a new
project called "Reader's Wavs".

"Reader’s Wavs" was originally an idea The Black Dog came across  
The Big Chill Forum  a couple of years ago, and is based on the simple idea
to give away high quality files for free to the Little Detroit reader-community,
from both established and new artists and/or labels.

Rather than ask anyone else to go first, The Black Dog thought it was better to
put themselves up first for the first installment of the "Reader's Wavs"!
The Black Dog – Subject To Delays EP [Dustv022]

A1. The Black Dog – Future Delay Thinking (Live)
A2. The Black Dog - Strip Light Hate (Aitcho Airfix Refix)
B1. The Black Dog & Anthony Child – Sleep Deprivation 3
B2. The Black Dog – Late Night Cabin Fever (Crying Baby Mix)

Download the E.P. from here: 

And yes you've read correctly in the above - Anthony Child (a.k.a. Surgeon) 
has been apparently recruited to help out on this release, too! 

Enjoy - and thanks for reading this...

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