Tuesday, December 14, 2010

FINALLY: Shamus Coghlan - Technophile

As the title indicates, Shamus Coghlan's sophomore-release on his own label,
(807) Recordings, is now finally and officially out on the street!

And - IMHO - this 12" has been on it's way for quite some time; the first time
I heard the white of this 12" thundering on a PA-system, was back in the late-autumn
of '08 in Tresor's "Batteriraum" (in connection with a DJ-gig Shamus was about to
perform - double-billed along side with Vergel Evans, BTW).

Actually, I was so impressed by the white that one of the tracks made it on to the
ninth installment of the "Compiling a Network" mix series, and - TBH - I've been pestering
Shamus off-and-on ever since, regarding w-h-e-n this white-lable would see a proper release!

But to cut a long story short and in other words: this release has been on it's way for
the last two years, and taking into consideration all that can happen (musically) over
a timespan of two years, one could ask if this 180g worth of 12" vinyl is:
A. still musically interesting - or relevant
B. has been worth the wait, in general

And the two questions above can be answered with one sentence:
HELL YEAH...!!! 

To sum it all up: Shamus Coghlan's "Technophile" E.P. is an essential release and is
now a mainstay in my box; I guess the proverb: "All good comes to he who waits" is
more than true, in this case.

But make a jump over to rubadub, listen and grab hold of your copy there...!
And while you're at it - why not also grab yet another slab of 180g of vinyl and get Shamus'
equally ACE "Further EP", while you're at it!

At least, you won't have to wait any longer for Shamus Coghlan's "Technophile" E.P. than it
takes for the mailman to deliver it you, after you've ordered it! ;-)

Thanks for reading this...

P.S. Shamus - if you see this, then remember to leave most of your "Bargeld" at home, the next time
we hook up (you know why...); oh, and gimme the proper directions to where I should go...! :-D


  1. THX d. for your lovely - cool - funny review :D
    For everybody who want order Technophile EP in Germany - it is available righ now there: http://www.hhv.de/item_224217.html

    Greeting from Germany

  2. Thanks a LOT for update regarding the German retailer, Tschulie! :-D

  3. Hahaha funny part - Release is back in stock by Juno Records since today :D But no idea how many copies they got.


    And thanks a bunch to you for your support and promo :)))