Saturday, December 18, 2010

How to make a podcast-feed (the fast and easy way...!) - Pt. 1

O.K. - for whatever reason, you (the reader) want to share
your tunes, mixes, radio-shows etc. as a podcast with
the (at the moment) unaware masses out there on the 'net, but
either you:
A. don't know how to put together the necessary XML-file
B. don't know anyone who can - or will - do it for you

...then read on, as I'll give the instructions to how you
can put together podcast without all of the coding-fuss!

First of all, before we can on, where and how you get your
audio-files hosted is your headache, but after that's been said
you'll be needing (to make) two user-accounts at:

Alrighty, as you probably already know, Yahoo!'s delicious is
one of the net's leading social bookmarking services, and it'll be
delicious that we'll be using to generate the XML-file, which
you'll be needing for getting y-o-u-r podcast on the road!

After you have logged on to delicious, the first thing you have to
do is click on the "Save a new bookmark-link located up in the
upper right-hand corner of the page.

Then, in the appearing popup-window, write in the full URL-address
to the audio-file that you want on the podcast, click on the "Next"-button,
and write in the title of your file/tune/mix/show (and optionally add any
additional details in the "Notes"-field), and click on the "Save"-button.

Repeat the operation as described in the above, if you should have more
than one file that needs to be added to the what will soon be your
podcast feed. Here's an example of what things should look like at:

Now look on the lower left hand side of the delicious-page for the
orange RSS-feed logo where it says: "RSS feed for these Bookmarks",
click on the link, and - PRESTO - you'll land on a new page with
your newly made RSS-feed, form which you can already use for both
for your newly-created RSS-feed (obviously) and for your podcast, too!

But bookmark/save the URL-address for your new feed, as you'll need
this later on for the second part of this article series, where you'll make
your new feed a bit more personal, and here's where Google's Feedburner
comes into the picture...

Thanks for reading this...

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