Sunday, January 16, 2011

Guest set on Teknology 15/01/11: Tracklist

For all of you trainspottters that listened to the show yesterday
(and for those of you that accidentally pressed "Record"), here's
the set list:

01. Helical Scan - Index 1 (Monolake/Imbalance Computer Music)
02. Function - Ghost Echoes (Sandwell District)
03. Martyn - Miniluv (Ostgut Ton)
04. The Black Dog - CCTV-Nation 'Slam Mix' (Soma)
05. Rktic - Midnight Glare (Thinner)
06. Rktic - The Opposite (Thinner)
07. Traversable Wormhole - When 2D Meets 3D 'Peter Van Hoesen Remix' (CLR)
08. Traversable Wormhole - Closed Timelike Curve 'Marcel Dettmann Remix' (CLR)
09. RaÌz/Silent Servant - Raíz 'Ciencia Ficción Edición' (Historia y Violencia)
10. Substance Vainqueur - Emerge 1 'British Murder Boys Remix 1' (Scion Versions)
11. Portion Reform - Shift Worker (Downwards)
12. BT - Fibonacci Sequence (Headspace)
13. SGNL_FLTR - Thrust 4 (Stadtgruen)
14. SGNL_FLTR - Thrust 7 (Stadtgruen)
15. Sub - Black Sun 'Version (Motorlab)
16. Miss Kittin & The Hacker - PPPO 'Function's Sandwell Mix' (Nobody's Bizzness)

Thanks for listening - and reading this...


  1. just listening and got this deep vibe coming at 30something.. nice one, thanks! well done so far, curious about the ending.. but aren't we all? ;)

  2. yeah nice one, just when you finished I was awaiting more.. well done, thanks!

  3. @technolux: Thanks a lot for your comments - 'glad that the guest-set went down well at your end!

  4. so did you get my email address? have you got comment notification turned on?

  5. @technolux: That's a "Yes" on both questions! :-)
    And thanks, technolux - check your mail...! :-D

  6. Dear Don,
    damn this is over a month now and I was wondering what had happened to us being in touch. So today I checked your blog and see that you sent me email, except I did not get any, checked my SPAM and INBOX and nothing. So sorry about this. Perhaps my email provider blocked it, not sure.

    Please do leave a comment on my blog with your email address and I will email you ASAP. Won't publish your comment and comments are not published directly any ways on my blog, only after I approve so no one will see your email address except me.

    Again sorry for this taking such a long time, makes me angry as I would really like to exchange ideas with you about those technical things concerning Mixcloud and SoundCloud and HTML5 and even more so Techno music!!

    I am looking forward to us being in touch soon. Thanks for your patience and sorry for this lack of a public email address on my behalf. Really sorry!!

    (I am working on a clean and minimal based template that will also include a contact form.)

    Speak soon and all the best!

  7. Hey Don,

    I have just come back to see why I don't hear from you and discovered your email address on your profile. Great! You can expect to finally hear from me in the next couple of days. A lot has happened here to tell the least. I am excited to get to know to you better and to perhaps start work on some projects.

    Speak soon & all the best!