Friday, April 22, 2011

"Compiling a Network" - officially a meta-label...(?)

After a couple of years of on-and-off external suggestions (and pressure) -
"Compiling a Network" is now officially a meta-label on!


That's right, all of the sets from both the "Compiling a Network"- and the
"dee3 | datamixes"-series are all gathered together and are now available
from here (too)!

So does this mean that I'll henceforth be ditching my previous hosting-service

No (and yes), as all previous and future sets will also (still) be available from, but TBH I'm sort of fed up with some the apparently recurring technical-
issues that subject themselves to, which at the end of the day will give you,
the user, a less than positive experience - sluggish/slow transfer-rates and occasional
broken links come to mind...

Anyways, and from now on, all file-formats from both the "Compiling a Network"-
and the "dee3 | datamixes"-series will still be available from,
but as for the mp3-files, which appear as enclosures on these two mix-series'
podcast- and RSS-feeds, all of these will from now on be hosted at - and delivered
from -

Another major, noticeable change is that both mix-series' podcast-and RSS-feeds have
not only been updated and slimmed down, they are now both powered by delicious'
RSS-feed capabilties and "dressed up" with the services provided by Google's Feedburner
(something which I earlier have written about); there are many reasons behind this somewhat
radical move, but at the end of the day, all of this is for the better for all parties involved - and especially for you (the user), too.

It's now very late - so I'll be signing off for now, thanks for reading this...

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