Sunday, June 10, 2012

Compiling a Network app (Android) out now...!

(Sorry - but beforehand I'd like to warn you that this post might be - in the beginning - running somewhat down a runway before getting to the point and start taking off, but there is some explanation needed ...)

Although it's been over 5 years since it's start, and over three years ago since the latest installment, the "Compiling a Network"-series ten sets are still seeing more than a fair number of downloads happening out there on the web (written in all modesty, mind)!

Some of the conceptual keywords behind this series were (and still are) "availability" and "accessibility", thus resulting in a promo mix series that not only offered it's listeners all of the sets to be downloaded either in lossless- or lossy-formats, but go even further in meeting the listeners "on their terms" by making these sets available "where the users are at"!
Meaning not only having the sets being available at all of the (appropriate) major services (i.e.:, Soundcloud, Mixcloud,, SonicSquirrel, etc.) as direct downloads or streams, but also by having the sets readily available for the listeners via podcasts (iTMS, PodcastAlley, podcastblaster, PodNova etc.), RSS-feeds and various torrent-sharing services, too!

As an end-result, the combined number of downloads the series' ten sets have been subject to, have a while ago exceeded more than one million downloads - and are still downloaded by the scores on a daily basis...(again - written in all modesty, mind)!

Since this podsafe, promo mix series went online, the internet-landscape has undeniably changed, and apparently within the next (now) three years "...more users will connect to the internet over mobile devices than desktops pc" (sic.).

Acknowledging the fact that the listeners out there (probably) are turning more and more "mobile" and since I still want the "Compiling a Network"-series to be "available" and "accessible", on the users' own terms and where they might (also) to be at, I've decided to create and now (finally) release the "Compiling a Network App ver. 1.0 BETA"-app ("Android-only" for now - due to hardware-reasons at my end)!

The free "Compiling a Network"-app - containing all of the series' ten sets - can now be downloaded from here:

If this app turns out to be a success AND/OR there is a massive demand for an iOS-equivalent of this app, I'll see what I can do to get a iPhone-version of this app put together, as soon as it's technically possible...!

On an end-note, I'd like to take the opportunity to thank Carina M. Boese, Bill Causer, Enda Rochford and last but not least Hasan H. Samanci for helping out with the alpha-, beta- and UX-testing of this app - and for going beyond the call of duty, in general...!

Thanks for reading this...