Sunday, November 18, 2012

"CaN"- and "dee3 | datamixes"-set merger - UPDATE

Here's an update regarding the merging of the "Compiling a Network"- and "dee3 | datamixes"-sets (plus some other related stuff).

As I wrote in my previous blog-posting, I've decided to gather the two mix-series, which I've got online, into one joined mix-series; one of the reasons behind this move is due to I cannot see the point in any longer operating two different mix-series - mainly due to the administrative and maintenance "hassle" that's involved in doing so.

But I'd like to also add before going on that mainly due to various life-events and personal-issues over the past couple of years that I - admittedly - haven't been too productive regarding putting up and adding new sets to either of the two mix-series...!

But in spite of my blatant lack of productivity, all of the mixes - from both series - have still been continuously downloaded (at least at a minimum of ) by the scores on a daily-basis, so it's not like the interest has gone away for any of the sets; furthermore, it occurred to me that if I was to move on with either of the two equally - and apparently - successful mix-series (i,e.: mix, make and put new sets online to either of the series) , it might be a good idea to gather my efforts in one place to make things easier for those interested in accessing whatever set I'd might put online - or already have online.

And based on the combined experiences with having all of the sets gathered in one place, as I've already done at sonicsquirrel, mixcloud and mininova's torrent-service, I've decided that the time has come to officially join the "Compiling a Network" and "dee3 | datamixes" into one joined mix-series, which will henceforth go under the "Compiling a Network [CaN]"-name.

In effect, all sets are already now available from the updated "Compiling a Network"-website and -podcast, and provisions have been set into motion regarding the redirection of "dee3 | datamixes"-podcast to the "Compiling a Network"-ditto.

As of the 1st of December, the "dee3 | datamixes"-website and it's podcast-feed will be taken down; and FYI, all of the other "dee3 | datamixes"-related sites that are out there will either be taken down - or retro-fitted for other dee3-related purposes.

The reason why I'm going to these lengths in explaining what's going on, is that I don't want any rumors to start, let alone run rampant, regarding the "dee3 | datamixes" going offline etc.

On an end-note, the 23 podsafe-sets that I currently have online, have now almost been downloaded close to 2 million times; therefore, I'd like to again take the opportunity to thank all of the contributing artists, net labels and other parties for their initial - and continuing - support over the years...

Thanks for reading this...

The CaN- and "dee3 | datamixes"-sets soon to be merged

With now an almost combined 2 million downloads under their collective belts (sort of speak),
I'm currently in the process of now merging the "Compiling a Network"- and "dee3 | datamixes"-sets,
as I no longer see any reasons to run these two mix-series as two separate entities.

Further details regarding this merger of these two mix-series will shortly follow...

Thanks for reading this...

Sunday, November 4, 2012

New set online: PCM

Here's a completely forgotten set from my hand - heralding from '08 - that has been
recently found/"exhumed" from a HD, and which I thought could be fun to share with
all of you, exclusively via Mixcloud - enjoy...!

Thanks for reading (- and hopefully listening to -) this...!