Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Soon cleaning up this blog...

As the title says: I'll be soon cleaning up this blog, where this blog will in the future focus more on dee3-related stuff and musical-content, in general; the nerdy, geeky coding stuff in this blog that a lot of people out there have also been glad to read about, will get moved over to and continued on the following blogspot-address:


I'd like beforehand "warn" (some of) the readers out there that some of the "nerdy-geeky" coding stuff, which has been previously posted here, not only will be removed from this blog, but also might not get (re-)posted on the "new" blog, either!

The reason for this is that some of the code-solutions that were previously mentioned and posted here, are no longer valid and/or are deprecated in some way or another; a good example of this would be the HTML5-fallback for Soundcloud's player, as Soundcloud - as you probably already know- has now already implemented and launched an (IMHO) excellent HTML5-player.

In any event, this blog will soon be subject to some spring cleaning within the next couple of weeks and most of coding-related the postings will be moved over to donvoorhies.blogspot.com.

Thanks for reading this...