Tuesday, May 14, 2013

NEW SET ONLINE! Exclusive to 2BContinued....

Yeah - that's right: I've been so fortunate to get a brand-new set included on 
2BContinued's "Open Space"-section, where I'll be in good company with the 
likes of +Frédéric PERRIAULT (Oxytek) amongst others!

TBH, although originally intended for another podcast, I'm both really proud, 
totally stoked and eternally grateful that +Niv Margalit has decided to include 
the set here; and hands-down: I'd rather see my set on 2BContinued, than the 
other (undisclosed) podcast, the set was initially made for!

In any event, you can check out and give the set a listen here:

Once again tons of thanks goes to Niv - also for going beyond all reasonable 
call of duty!



P.S. The previously mentioned clean-up of this blog will soon take place...

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