Saturday, December 18, 2010

How to make a podcast-feed (the fast and easy way...!) - Pt. 2

In this blog's previous posting you've now - courtesy of delicious - made
the necessary XML-file, which you (now) can use for your totally-cool podcast!


But the feed-title: "Delicious/(your user-name)" and the sub-title:
"bookmarks posted by (your user-name)" might NOT be the coolest thing to
have showing on your (current) feed - let alone having y-o-u-r podcast known
out there as: "Delicious/(your user-name)"

So why not make it a bit more "personal" with Google's Feedburner?
If you've already got an account with Google, then you can use this
account to log in; if not then (just) create your Feedburner-account
and get it over with!

When you're all logged in at Feedburner then look for the following:
"Burn a feed right this instant. Type your blog or feed address here",
and then tap in (or copy-and-paste) the address from the RSS-page
you've just made at delicious, remember to check the box "I am a podcaster!"
and now click on the "Next"-button!

You are now going to give your feed it's (proper) name AND the URL-address,
which from now on will be the URLaddresss, you'll be using for your RSS and/or

Now, as Feedburner says on the following page, it's time to dress up your feed
a little bit, and make more personal, by clicking on the next "Next"-button! 
On the next page, you'll now be configuring your podcast and telling iTunes how
to show things regarding your feed.
  1. Set the "Create podcast enclosures from links to"-option to "any rich media file" 
  2. Check the box next to "Include iTunes podcasting elements"
  3. Choose "Music" under the "Category:"-option
  4. Fill out the the form-fields the best you can
  5. Check the box next to "Include "Media RSS" information and add podcast to Yahoo! Search"
After you've done all of the above, click the "Next"-button on the page, and on
the following page check all three check-boxes on this page, and click again on
this page's "Next"-button.

On the following page, click on the "Optimize"-tab and then find and click on
the: "Title/Description Burner"-link; on this page, type in the "New Title:"-field
the desired name for your podcast followed by clicking on "Activate"-button -
and you should now be all set with y-o-u-r new podcast...!

Finally, just to illustrate things - here's a final working example made from the
feed-example shown in the previous posting, and after I've used Feedburner's
"Title/Description Burner"-option:

After following the instructions in both the previous and this posting, you should
now have a more personalized podcast-feed ready to unleash on the unsuspecting
masses out there!

Thanks for reading this...


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