Tuesday, September 13, 2011

DJ Mix: CaN vs. _rohformat (The Lost Set) - EXCLUSIVE for this blog

Yesterday. while rummaging around on my HD's in connection with an technical article, I was thinking about posting for this blog, I came across a "lost" mix-set (that I've literally forgotten all about) with a selection of tracks from _rohformat's catalog; this set must have apparently been a trial-set (or something) that later "evolved" into becoming the "CaN vs. _rohformat (Pt. 2)"- set!

Since the set isn't half-bad (IMHO), but doesn't fit the profile for the "Compiling a Network"-series (as this set focuses on one label), and the majority of the tracks are already present in the "CaN vs. _rohformat (Pt. 2)"-set in the "dee3 | datamixes"-series, I've decided to put this set online - initially - as an exclusive for this blog and it's readers!

Enjoy - and thanks for reading this!

P.S. For more info regarding _rohformat, visit the label's website at: http://rohformat.de/
As always, tons of shout-outs, respect and eternal thanks goes to _rohformat (and Ronny Pries in particular)...!!!


  1. You would not have a tracklist for this one, would you? Last night I also listened to the set you sent me in email and oh wow, complete feedback still coming your way in email also, but first impression was great! Thanks and thanks for this also!! Tracklist badly needed, lol.

  2. Only at 11 min here and this is well nice, gritty, deep and industrial but not the cheesy type industrial overdrive mental stuff, no, nice and flowing well, loving this thanks!!

  3. Taking it down very nicely round 52.. yes a tracklist for this would be seminal, see what you can dig up, thanks.. Much appreciated this is!

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  5. Yes, surly this is a damn nice mix, at least this is what I feel Techno is partly about, nicely caught the vibe there, again thanks for posting this!

    Man wow the track round 1h01min also really kicks ass, so damn deep with that howling in the background!! Yes yes yes, this is what I wanna hear when going out and not that lush minimal they play even on the airport toilet these days. Nothing against minimal, I enjoy that too!

    So yeah, tracklist is a must if somehow possible, think I have said that before, no? LOl, OKOK, Ill leave you to it now. Thanks Don!! :)

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